Spotify issue showing metadata

I wanted to put a tag on a spotify local file, and was successful, however when i viewed the other songs i had (without tags), they all had the same tag. Any help with this.

Could you show us the metadata of these files as shown by MP3tag? (Either the file list or the extended tags dialogue)
It is a different story what the player makes of it.

I’m not sure how you are doing this with any Spotify files. These are encrypted and DRM-protected. To date, Spotify music files downloaded for offline use are still restricted to use within the Spotify platform and cannot be edited.

Maybe @Haacoob means local private files that are synchronized with spotify. You can use Spotify as a player for your local files.

@Hacoob Maybe you can share a few extra details about your use with Spotify? I don’t typically use my Spotify player to deal with local files. But I did move a selection of tracks to my Spotify folder to test. All tracks already have complete tag details in my case including art.

Seems only mp3 files show the artwork. My m4a/ALAC lossless files play, but don’t show the album art that is embedded. And hi-res FLAC at 24-bit/96kHz or higher don’t show up at all. None of the tags were missing or replaced, and the art for songs that didn’t show artwork did not pull the wrong cover from any other file.

The browsing is very limited as well. All local files are displayed in a single “Local” playlist that has a limited few options for sorting. But these are all in one big list. Definitely not ideal for a larger library, but functional I suppose. I would suggest there are many better player options available on mobile and home platforms though.

This looks like a really new option Spotify has added, and likely needs some work to be better in the future. You may want to share these problems with Spotify to see if they are working on improvements.

@Hacoob If you can share some screen shots of the tracks that are not working as expected, perhaps we can find a pattern for a solution?