Square Brackets as Literals in Actions

I would like to make an action to append " [Bonus Track]" to the end of song titles.

If i use format value for TITLE with this format string "%title% [Bonus Track]" only " " gets appended to the song title.

What am I doing wrong?

Why do you write a backslash before the square brackets?


I tried without the backslashes first, but then only " " was appended. I then saw the help information for Replace with regular expression ("Literals - All characters except ".", "|", "*", "?", "+", "(", ")", "{", "}", "[", "]", "^", "$". - These characters are literals when preceded by a "". ") and inserted the backslashes.

But your example is not a Regular Expression, isn't it?

To make it short ... read there at end of the page:

A search through the forum for "square brackets" will provide several questions and answers about the same problem.

Square brackets are reserved characters in MP3tag Scripting Language.
You have to put the single quote around such reserved characters to get their literal meaning.

Trial and error may help in some circumstances, but reading the manual is still the first effort someone should do before working with an unknown thing of software.

Good luck with Mp3tag. The first hurdle is taken.


Thanks for the information! It helped me find the right place in the help file (I was not even aware that I was "scripting"...).