Square in iTunes tag field


Thanks for a great program !!! :slight_smile:
I am currently using v2.35m, and have found what I believe is a bug, which has been introduced somewhere after version 2.35k (which did not have this bug).

The bug consists of a "little square" character being added to the end of all the fields in the MP3 tags (both artist, title, genre, album,...).
The bug is visible when I add the MP3-files to my iTunes, after having edited the tags in MP3Tag v2.35m. I tried downgrading to v2.35k, and the problem disappears.

I hope this is not "a planned" feature, because it does not look good in iTunes.
Looking forward to your response.

Kind regards

iTunes___See_MP3_tags_on_screens.doc (169 KB)


It's an iTunes bug. Try changing the tag version saved by MP3Tag to ID3v2.3.