Squares in the field tag using plugins www.discogs.com


When using scripts and discogs.src ponemod to search for information on the site in some fields www.discogs.com tags - particularly in the field "DISCOGS_NOTES" boxes appear here is an example :

I suspect that maybe this is related somehow, or encoded, or the fact that the gaps / breaks displayed by these squares, and perhaps so that the site was changed for the release and clearance of the engine API ...

P.s By the way the same is obtained by using plug-in for foo_discogs player foobar2000

I can't open the link to your screnshot:
"Forbidden You don't have permission to access /pictures/02-04-12/72123c97b4b4b3f208fe34f5bc0a3fef.png on this server."

I remember there was someone with the same problem some time ago. Sqares where displayed where displayed instead of linebreaks. It turned out that it had nothing to do with the discogs script, but with some display settings in his system.

When you go to the Extended Tags Menu in Mp3tag, do you still see the squares when you open the tag field there?


In settings -> Tag Panel -> tags in the field where there is a word wrap option " multi-line " - is included

i still can't see your screenshot.

  • what should be displayed instead of the squares? linebreaks?
  • can you enter linebreaks manually into your fields?

here's a screenshot :


  • Yes, to be / appear word-wrapping, or at least a space or a semicolon.

I can enter manually - then squares disappear and make sense? - Both have to edit each file in several fields.
This is unfortunately not the solution : (

OK, all squares represent linebreaks.

My script uses both commands for the linebreaks in your example:
say "\r\n"
Both seem to result in double squares.

Another test:
Go to Options > Tags > Mpeg and choose "ID3v4 UTF-8" for writing tags. Maybe that helps.

When you say you can enter the linebreaks manually, it seems that is somehow releated to the web sources script. But I have no idea what is going wrong there.

Can anybody else help there?

TGK, is your problem different as the case from user david.lynch?
see here:
[WS] Discogs (pone mod)

Look at the UNSYNCEDLYRICS field in the screenshot. Squares are displayed in the extended tags dialog, but not in the "edit tag info" window for the single field.
He writes that those squares are only displayed in some views in Mp3tag, but acctually they are not there. Also they don't show up when the files are displayed in his media player.

here is a older topic about a similar problem, not related to tag sources, but maybe it helps you:

I think here it 's the - Windows displays a line break as a professional. symbols - these squares are not just spaces, but you're right - all displayed in the players well, just the fact that it looks not so - from a purely aesthetic and visual point of view - I imeyuyu view of the map is in the programs for editing and searching tags.

so everything is clear now?

so long as such