Squonk63 please contact me!!!

Squonk63 I need your help please contact me.


what's the matter?

Hi, squonk thanks for your reply (I was unable to contact you privately)

I have seen your good job about your export configuration, but you can take it to the next level.

On the Wide world web there a lot of softwares that let you build a streaming web mp3 server like andromeda, edna and so on, but there is no, at all, WEB MP3 LIBRARIES. (yes i know you can share your library with Itunes or WMP but is not the right way and crossplatform)

My dream is to have an export configuration that looks like Media Player 11, that can let you list by Artists and Albums (and also years and genre if possible) and I don't need an embed media player, but It would make the difference between this and the rest of export configuration to have the ability to transfer an album to a removable drive.

Here is a screenshot.

What about this idea?

P.S. Are you Italian? (cause I'm Italian too)

Milka you wrote to me:

"Check out milka's exports.



~ milka"

very good job you have made (like Yoda talks) but are you able to replicate the front-end like WMP11?

it will be a big kickass.

Ha ha ha.

These scripts are pure html, javascript, css and maybe some pictures are used.
It's not meant for complicated webs, and you don't even have a database.

I can make web application from it but then exports will be unuseful. :wink:

~ milka
Application development specialist