*.src files


I have no idea of programing, and I'd appreciate your help if you can help me make a *.src file for searching lyrics or text for the audios in:


I've tried modifying parameters in the *.src that I have in the source folder, but that was unsuccessful.


N.B: In precedent topic, I've mentioned also 3 web sites for music, it would be genial if you can help, Thanks again for your time...

Please check the "terms of service" first?
Does the provider allow automatic researches on his data?
Where are the web pages you want to analyze (any sample)?
Keep in mind that it is really hard work to analyze the given web context.
It is really hard work to write a .src script with the given tool set, that works overall error free for all circumstances, especially when there is no dedicated API available.


Adapting some parameters is not enough. You need to write a search script and album script dedicated to that website. That is a lot of work, I won't do it if I don't see any usage for that database for myself.

Anyway, the first steps for you would be:

  • Describe what kind of website that is and what database it provides. From a quick look at it, it looks like a web portal open to any kind of content and I can't find any database there.
  • Find out if the page provides a API (Application programming interface). If not, the HTML source code would be parsed by Mp3tag, which generally makes scripts unstable due to layout changes of the web pages.
  • Give a example of a search page there.
  • Give a example of a database entry which you would like to access with Mp3tag.