Standard Actions missing from action menu


I've just installed tha latest MP3Tag (V2.49) because I was after a tool that would allow me to embed album arts into files. From reading the help pages, that's exactly what the action "Import cover from file" does exactly. Cool! (I thought).

After installing Mp3Tag, I notice that there are only three actions: Case Conversion, CD-R, Standard. According to the help page, there should be many more actions (including the one I'm after). I've searched my entire hard drive for "*.mta", I can only fine the three files listed in my Actions menu.

I've deinstalled and reinstalled many times (just to make sure I wasn't going mad) and it's not changing anything... :frowning:

What am I doing wrong!???

BTW, I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.


These are only the pre-stored actions.

You have three possibilies:

  1. Click on the Button left to the one you clicked (the one with two "A"s and a yellow arrow) to do a action without storing it for future use. In the drop down menu you will find "Import cover from file".

  2. Click on the Button you clicked (the one with two "A"s and nothing else). But not on the little black arrow right from it (that gives you only the stored actions) but on the button itself. Then on top right you will find a "new" button, where you can create new actions which are stored for easy use in the future.

  3. For simply adding a cover, do a right-mouse-click on the cover preview window.

The .mta files define saved 'action groups', not actions.

It could be a little confusing, but in Mp3tag there are 'actions' and there are 'action groups'. Action groups are saved groups of actions (although they might contain just one action) that are defined by the user.

To see the types of available actions, try the 'Actions (Quick)' button and look in the drop down list. Or hit the 'Actions' button to bring up the action groups dialog and then hit the button to define a new action group. You'll see the same drop down list to choose from.

Sounds like since you'll probably be using the action more than once, you'll want to define and save a new action group. That way you won't have to designate the file name to use each time you want to run it. After it's defined you can run it from the action groups dialog or use the little arrow beside the button to run single action groups.

(In Mp3tag there are also 'groups of action groups'. All of the saved action groups are listed in the action groups dialog, with a checkbox next to each one. When you press the 'Ok' button, all of the action groups with checks will be executed on the selected files. You can define, save, and recall different sets of action groups to be used for different purposes. These sets of action groups are saved using a .mtg file extension.)