Star next to track in iTunes

What tag should i add to make this star appear near needed track (Editing in Mp3Tag to make it appear in iTunes)


The question is whether this star is data that is stored in a tag of just in the settings of the player.
Check the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) to see if there is a field that looks like a star or something.
As iTunes does not even read the rating field, I am not too optimistic that iTunes will consider this star.

That single star is not a tag of any kind.

It is Apple proprietary information, and just means that a particular song is popular among Apple users (it used to mean it was popular in iTunes Store)...

Pretty sure it cannot be manipulated.

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There isn't any field that would be consdered as a star tag

I've actually did it, I've added a star to a song, that was hard as i had to add ITUNESPURCHASEDATE, ITUNESCATALOGID, COPYRIGHT, ITUNESMEADIATYPE and pretty a lot of other tags, definitions of what was really hard to come up with (some tags), but at the end of a day I came up with conclusion that you need to have at least one bought track on the album to add that "star tag" to a proper song, now it almost looks like I bought it

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