Start program in last used Folder

I sometimes use MP3Tag but don't complete my goal, it would be nice to have the option to select:

"Start at the last used folder"

I can put my computer in Hibernation if I know I'm going back to the same job, but if it's not for a few days this is not always convenient.

Where as if the program starts in the last used folder that wouold help.

See Tools>Options>Folders
Untick "Start program in this folder"
and clear the standard directory.

I do not have a folders folder, and this does not address the issue of starting in the last used folder.
No way to add a photo !!

I use the German version. So if you feel more at home with my labels:
(leave emtpy)
Untick "In diesem Verzeichnis starten".
This what I tried to translate - but apparently I failed.

You ask for this one to add a print screen?

Or do you ask for cover art directory?