Starting directory


With MP3TAG 2.31x it worked that I passed a directory to mp3tag.exe as a paramater and it opened that directory after it started. With the latest 2.32x versions it does not work. Has this funcionality been removed? It was a really good behavior. :frowning: Is there any other easy solution?


Do you have /fp: before the directory path?


I didn't know that this parameter must be used, becuase an older version worked without it. Thank you very much, it works very well! :sunglasses:


This isn't accusatory, it's because I'm very this documented anywhere?


I don't think it's documented, it was probably mentioned a couple of times in the forum.
AFAIK there is:
/fp: (for folders)
/fn: (for filenames)
/cue: (for playlists/cue sheets)

You can find out by looking in windows registry, too.