Still need export.mte help


Sorry to start another thead, but no one is has provided an answer yet.

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Dano's suggestion does not work. Please read original post

Here is an example of what I want the sub display, or the actual view of the individual song/files to look like.


My dream dano's export.mte

So far the result of dano's suggestion produces new columns for each song. So if 15 songs you get 15 columns.
I have tried moving the loop end, putting a loop in each column, and numberous other hacks, but none work.

any help is appreciated.


Well, I think that if someone wasn't able to help you in the old thread, starting a new one won't change anything.


Is this what you want?

<div id="ipbwrapper">
<div class="tableborder">
<div class="maintitle" align="left">MP3tag Album Overview of "%_workingdir%": $loop(%album%,1)$loopend()%_max_counter% Albums | %_total_size% | %_total_files% Files | %_total_time% Hours
Counter Artist Album Year Genre
$num(%_counter%,3) %artist% %album% %year% %genre%
- $loop(%_filename_ext%)%_filename_ext% $loopend() $loop(%_filename_ext%)%_length% min | %_bitrate% kbits $loopend() $loop(%_filename_ext%)%_file_size% $loopend() %_vbr%



I had tried the loop in each col.. but didni't undertand what the marker or ref. that would allow the loop to know to retreive the formatstring from a certain song. $loop(%_filename_ext%)

As for "Sebastian Mares", You receive not because you ask not!



Sorry, I don't understand what you mean.