stop the loading of multiple files


I have looked at the FAQ's and tried a search but I am unable to find a solution. I am sure it must be a setting somewhere. 
 When I start the program, all the files I have worked upon are loaded into the main file view. It wasn't too much of problem at the start but now it loads over 500 files. Is there any way to have it just display a blank list? 
 Thanks for the help.


Look into the Mp3tag Option dialog, section Directories, ...
... check the settings and set them as you need it.


Well, you could have had a look at the help as well.

Set a start-directory in Tools>Options>Folders which has no files in it and tick "Start in this folder".
Otherwise MP3tag will remember the last folder you edited and try to open that one.

There should be a option to disable automatic opening of folder.

There already is, see post #3