Storing MP$'s to cloud - no image shows

I have successfully saved a video on my PC with an artwork file displayed on the image. Looks great and when viewed on my PC duplicates the same effect when adding album are to an mp3. My problem is this: when I move the file onto my network drive, and then try to access it with my phone, the same as if you were looking at a file on The Cloud, all I see is the default MP4 icon on the file, but not the artwork I embedded. How can i fix it so that viewing on The Cloud is the same as seeing it on my PC where the cover art does show on the MP4 file?

Thanks much,

Ham C.

This will depend a lot on the way the phone gets the image.
I bet that the PC environment is completely different from the phone or do you have the same OS and player on both?
You could check the following: does MP3tag show albumart for the files on the network drive? If yes, then this would indicate that the file really has an embedded cover.
Then check your local folder if it has a folder.jpg file and check if the network folder also has one. If it is missing in the network folder, supply it.
Also, it could be that the phone has a size limitation on the maximum dimensions for cover art. Check if the cover is bigger than 200 by 200 pixels and if so, try a smaller version.
That is about how much I can guess from here. YOu have to experiment a little.