Strange behavior involving mp3tag and foobar

Hi there!

When i saw that some audio formats, like wavpack for example used to store the cuesheet in a tag field called 'CUESHEET' , i thought it was a good idea so i started to do the same with my
monkey audio files.

But then i discovered that many of those files that has the cuesheet embedded where not seen anymore by foobar (BTW before you ask, i use v0.9.8.6).

I did a lot of tests to try to find the exact circonstances but I don't understand it.

Here's a sample of a cuesheet that you can copy and paste in a 'CUESHEET' field of any ape files
with mp3tag. After that, go in foobar and add the folder where the file is and you should see that
the file will not be seen.

Then you go back in mp3tag and remove the last character (the zero) save the tag and go back in foobar to rescan the folder and then the file will be seen.

REM GENRE "Thrash Metal"
REM COMMENT "ExactAudioCopy v0.95b4"
TITLE "The Atrocity Exhibition - Exhibit A"
FILE "01 - Call To Arms.wav" WAVE

TITLE "Call To Arms"
INDEX 01 00:00:00

FILE "02 - Riot Act.wav" WAVE

TITLE "Riot Act"
INDEX 01 0

Is it related to foobar? to the monkey audio input plugin or to mp3tag? (altough probably not) i
don't know but since many of us use a combination of these 2 great software i thought that it could
be interesting for some.

If someone can or can't reproduce the behavior please let me know.


Hi! It's me again, replying to myself (that's how loser i am)

I'm sending 2 small files as a sample to demonstrate my point. The only difference between these files, other than their name, is one byte in their tag, but that's enough to make foobar ignore one of the two.

If someone want to make the test, just unzip'em in a folder, go in foobar and do "Add Folder" to add the one where the files are, not "Add Files" but "Add Folder". At this point, you should see that the track called "Bad file.ape" will not be displayed.

I'm using foobar v0.9.8.6 and foo_input_monkey v2.1.4 wich are both the latest version i think.

Thank you
Christian (30.5 KB)

Can you maybe explain the relation of your question to Mp3tag? How come that you're asking that question at the Mp3tag forums?

In addition to that, it would have been nice to have a reference to the topic you've cross-posted at the foobar2000 forums. It seems that Case already answered to your question in the most thorough way.

Sorry Florian!

I'm not a very experimented poster. I try to follow all the rules but maybe there was a lack of judgement of my part. One thing for sure is that i didn't want to iritate you or anybody.

The reason that topic ended up on both forum is that i didn't know exactly where to look for, i mean, i use Mp3tag to edit tags on Monkey Audio files that i play in foobar2000 and i didn't know where in that sequence the problem was happening so i thought that aiming at large would raise the chances of reaching the right person.

I took some times before posting about it but when i did, i was really convinced that they were a bug somewhere.

Even now i think that this is an issue the way it's handled but it seems that nobody else get bothered so that's it, i'm moving on.

Sorry again! I'll do better next time.