Strange behavior with some mp3

As you can see on top screenshots mp3tag and MediaMonkey shows various album name.

What is it? I can find "MUSIC" in this mp3 in hex. But can't see or change in mp3tag.

You can get this mp3 here:

You have APE tags in the files which overrule all other tags in MP3tag.
Or, if you do not read them, but other programs write them, then this information will be hidden from you.
It looks as though the different tag versions are now out of sync. you have to decide which way you want to continue and then remove all the unwanted tag versions. APE tags are more unusual and if you do not really need them, get rid of those.
To remove go to Tools>Options>Tags
and untick anything that is not APE. For APE only tick "read" and "delete".
Then select the files and use the function to delete tags.
After you have done so, set Tools>Options>Tags
to only delete for APE and everything for V1 and V2.

I've done this. Now in MM album tag is right. But artist contains track number. In mp3tag still as on first picture - all tags right. :confused:

Check the files with MP3diags please.
The APE tags were just one of the problems, sorry, I did not have enough time in the morning to do a thorough check.
So MP3diags reports APE tags, ID3V2.3 tags, 2 ID3V2.4 tags, unsupported streams, invalid ID3V1 tags and much more.

Seems like because ID3V2.3.0 and 2.4.0 both found?

UPD: "Remove multiple ID3 streams" fix this problem. But why mp3tag not override old version if write new?

If you have files with such a chaos of headers - what do you expect?
If you want to remove old meta data, you have to cut the tag. MP3tag usually does not throw away any user data.
So it could well be that if you cut the first tag that you will discover that there is another one which has to be cut - by you.
And then there is the question which tag is read by the player ...

I expect that mp3tag clean up old tags and write new "right" tags :slight_smile: and save tags which will be displayed in any players.

This is a little unexpected for me.

Anyway thanks for troubleshooting :slight_smile:

Windows Media Player did not display V2.4 tags - so if you use those (user decision) you will not see anything.
User-defined fields are defined in the standard but not supported by a lot of players.
Even standard fields like LANGUAGE are not displayed by any player (iTunes refuses to do so) BPM is not shown by WMP ... and so on.
So it is still up to you to create files in a way that suits your player(s). But the file that you found troublesome had a lot of other problems where MP3tag was just the messenger but not the cause.

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