Strange Behavior With Tags For a Few Songs

I have a couple of songs that I have edited the tags on, including the Artist, Album Artist and Title. For a couple of songs, when I play them in my car on a Harmon Kardon player, the Artist shows up differently than what I had changed it too.

One example is that there is a song called Diamond Eyes by Rishloo on an album called Escaping the Ordinary. Since this is a compilation album of assorted bands, I like to rename the song to "Rishloo - Diamond Eyes" and the artist as "Escaping the Ordinary"

For some reason, the artist, title and album always shows up as Rishloo, Diamond Eyes and Feathergun. When played in my car. It shows up as expected when played on my Windows 10 box.

Is this original tag information hidden somewhere and the Harmon Kardon just happens to use the hidden tag or something?

Did you take "Excaping the Ordinary" as ARTIST or as ALBUMARTIST?

I think you have to discover what your player needs to show a compilation as 1 album and what it shows as an artist and where it gets the information from.

First I would have a look in the extended tag-view of MP3tag. That shows you all tags that are embedded.
Then you should have a look what kind of tags are embedded,

If you have ID3v2.3 and ID3v1 both embedded there may be different information.

There also is a possibility that your player has an internal database and gets these informations from there. Have a look at the manual.

Yes! I have ARTIST & ALBUMARTIST set to "Excaping the Ordinary". The player uses the ARTIST and ALBUM which is why I change the Artist to be the name of the Compilation. This works except for a couple songs.

It does appear that almost everything I have uses both. Is there a way with Mp3Tag to see the values of both?

It uses the embedded tag information.

Not at the same time.
You have to change the read-settings in
Options - > Tags - > MPEG
to only 1 kind after the other and look if Mp3Tg shows differences in the tags.

I tried the 3 Tag version that are in the options you mentioned and they looked find. I opened the file up in Notepad and looked for tags and I see an extra tag that contains the wrong information. I'm not sure if this is a different version or if it is an uncommon tag. Here is what I can see.

Correct Tag at very top of file:

Edit: removed binary data that broke some of the forums rendering

Bad Tag down further in the file but has some other data before:

Edit: removed binary data that broke some of the forums rendering

Is this a duplicate V1 tag????

V2 tags are at the beginning (and sometimes at the end) of a file, V1 tags and APE tags are at the end.
It is possible that you have stacked tags.
You may cut the tags that are OK so that they are in the clipboard.
You may then delete the tags that have the unwanted data.
You may then paste the good tags back again.

To find such files, you may use utilities like mp3val and/or mp3diags - both freeware. It is in many cases possible to repair such files.

Thank you very much. I used mp3val and it found mp3 stream errors. I had it go ahead and automatically fix the error and it removed the broken tag.