Strange behaviour in tag panel


I just noticed a strange behaviour when editing values in the tag panel (not in the main view), here is how to see it :

  1. Make a copy of an audio file that we'll modify (I confirmed the issue on an MP3 and a Musepack file, so the issue doesn't seem related with the file format)

  2. Modify the value (however you want) of Title, Artist, Album or Comment. The value has to be, let's say, "[ab" (without the quotes). The important part is the bracket at the beginning. Save the file.

Your testcase file is ready, now let's produce the bug :

  1. Select your file, go to the tag panel. In the field you just set to "[ab", delete the "[" and the "a" (order is not important), then type "a" (or "A", but it has to be the same letter) in front of the remaining text (here it is "b"). You should obtain "ab", but you obtain "abb" (the last character is doubled).

tested on : Mp3tag 2.44 and 2.44d
OS : WinXP Pro SP3 (x86)


Yes, this behaviuor looks buggy.

Set "Mp3tag/Tools/options/General/Auto-Completion at selection boxes" to OFF state and the Tag Panels's selection box will work fine.


you might want to mark this thread as [C] :wink:

Yes, I can confirm this too. Unfortunately, after trying to find a solution for hours I still don't have a fix.

I'll mark it as [LP] and will keep the issue in mind.

Kind regards,

hours... so bad you hadn't suceeded, but many, many thanks for your efforts ! :slight_smile:

I've revisited the issue and fixed it with Mp3tag v2.90e.

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