Strange embedded art tag issue- please help

I am having an issue where the embedded art in a music file I encode is not being found by a few players, but once the tagging is resaved in mp3tag, the embedded art is viewable-no other changes are being made. I simply click the file, click save, and suddenly the art is available. I don't have the knowledge to examine what might be different between the tags in these files. I have no issues with other tags or with playing the files. Can someone take a look at these two files and see what the differences are and what might explain this oddity? It is happening with both my ogg vorbis and opus encoding. thankS

files can be found here

I am no expert on file structure or metadata handling.
All I can do is look at the results provided by a 3rd party app, like Exiftool.

I noticed that file #1 includes the picture dimensions but file #2 does not.
I also did some tests and saw that Mp3tag does not include the picture dimensions when saving an OGG file that has them.
I'll guess that file #2 was a copy of file #1 and did not display embedded art until it was saved by Mp3tag.
If that is true, then your problem is probably with whatever app embedded the picture.
Some players are more fussy than others about what is, and isn't, in a file's metadata.
It could be that the picture dimensions, when written in the tag, are a problem for some players.

But you already know how to avoid this issue: embed the art with Mp3tag. :slightly_smiling_face:

File#1-after being saved by Mp3tag-tags shown by Exiftool.txt (28.2 KB)
File#1-tags shown by Exiftool.txt (28.2 KB)
File#2-tags shown by Exiftool.txt (28.2 KB)

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@jaxtherogue Which of the two is the working picture? And what software exactly had problems displaying the picture?

1.ogg has the non working embdded art
2.ogg has the working embedded art

The software that would not display the embedded art was Poweramp (on Android) and VLC (on Windows). VLC was just used for a test, i don't really use it for music.

@ryerman this is awesome and gives me something to work with. thank you! you were correct in your guess as to which file works and which does not


I did some further checking with another encoder- that encoder embeds the picture dimension, but not the Picture Bits Per Pixel tag. That file is readable by Poweramp. It looks like the Picture Bits Per Pixel is the culprit. Following up with the Poweramp guys now.

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Thanks. I asked because I know of cases where missing dimensions did cause issue, but not the other way.

That's interesting, many tools likely don't set this value.