Strange interaction with JRiver and mp3tag - audio dropouts

I use JRiver for my music library but pre-tag everything first with Mp3tag as it is far superior for getting all the tags set up properly, especially for classical music.

My system config is Windows 11 Pro for Workstations 21H2. I'm running Mp3tag 3.16 and JRiver Media Center 29.0.58.

If I have music playing via JRiver I can interact with just about any application in Windows without dropouts except for Mp3tag. Just about any action in Mp3tag (selecting rows of music, editing fields, saving data, updating filenames, etc.) causes the music to audibly dropout for about 100 ms. It isn't limited to file write/read actions. For example, I can make it happen just by dragging across a range of files in the window to select them or clicking in an empty area to deselect them.

As you can imagine, this is insanely annoying. And it definitely seems to only be occurring with Mp3tag. I can do heavy processing in Photoshop, be spreadsheeting in Excel, writing in Outlook or Word, etc. None of them cause the drop out, just Mp3tag interactions.

Would love to help figure out and solve this! Anyone else run into this?


Does any other of those programs access the same file as your player and MP3tag?
It is always a bad idea to let 2 applications access the same file at the same time.
The only way out would be:
First tag
then play.
Or use a player that can also tag (like foobar2000).

The files aren't accessed by both at the same time. I use a staging area on one of my local drives while tagging. After tagging I move the files to my NAS and then JRiver picks them up. Until I move them to the NAS, JRiver doesn't even know about them.

Anyway, the access to system resources is mainly governed by the OS.
So, if you have any bottlenecks in your system like network access then you may encounter these dropouts.
If you can increase the cache for the player then that would be worth a try.

I've tried that already with no change. I've cranked it up as high as 3000 ms and dropouts still occur with minor interactions with the Mp3tag UI.

Why should modifications on files that are not accessed by your player cause any problems.
As an experiment:
you can reduce the priority of MP3tag in the task manager.
See if that helps.
But as this only an experiment, I would not advise to use that as a default. It is more a hint that you have a resource bottleneck in your system.