Strange playback behavior in mp3tag

Well here's something strange that occurred after the last mp3tag update...

Whenever I hit CTRL+A and select everything in main mp3tag window, then right mouse click it (and select play from the right-mouse click menu), it defaults to VLC player, which I don't want. :frowning:

But when I select just one track in main mp3tag window and right mouse click it (and select play from the right-mouse click menu), it defaults to AIMP3 player, which it's supposed to do and which I do want. :slight_smile:

This only occurs while I'm selecting multiple tracks in the mp3tag program. It doesn't happen anywhere else and I've checked back my playback defaults in Windows. Anything with an mp3 or FLAC extension should be playing using AIMP3 as the default.

It never used to do this before and only happens when I try to play multiple files from mp3tag. What happened to change this?


I am not sure about this: but as handling several files at a time, either a list similar to a playlist is handed over to the player or the player is called several times which one player might refuse but be accepted by the other.
So I would check, which program is associated with m3u and other playlists.

What would be some other playlist file extensions to check besides m3u?

Also search for player associations with the filetype ".m3u8".


Just those two? m3u and m3u8?

See the help for playlists:

Mp3tag creates the temporary playlist file "mp3tag.m3u" in the folder "%TEMP%\Mp3tag v2.70".
Therefore it should work to associate the filetype ".m3u" with the player of your wish.


Yeah, for some reason the file associations for those two extensions reverted to VLC. I had to reset them back to AIMP3 and it seemed to have solved the problem. I didn't know those two file extensions were behind how mp3tag played back files inside it's main window.