Strange problem with MPC files


I'm totally unable to remove the TAG (i don't know if it's ape, or what-the-heck-it-is).
When i use the button "remove tag", and open the file in winamp, instead of the file name, it appears the recording year in the Artist field, from nowhere!
Does anyone know how can i solve it?


Er... forgot that last topic... now let's see if any of you can answer me that OTHER question:

Is there any way to avoid MPC files to get folder names as tag information?

The problem i had simply is... I usually name the folders that way:

BandYear - Album.

Then, when mpc doesn't find tag information, it fills in the fields Artist and Album, using the folder name, filling artist field with Year...

If u know, answer... :stuck_out_tongue:


What do you mean by "Then, when mpc doesn't find tag information..."?

mpc is an abbreviation for the Musepack audio format. Please be a little bit more specific.

~ Florian


I mean, when the MPC plugin for Winamp doesn't find any tag information, it fills automatically some fields using the folder name. Does u know any way to avoid it?


You can configure the title display of the Winamp MPC plugin, by choosing Preferences, Plugins, Input, .mpc Musepack plugin, Configure in Winamp.

You'll see some options for title formatting on the right side of the config dialog.

Hope that helps!

~ Florian


Problem fixed. It seems that my MPC plugin was an old version. I updated it and now it runs perfect :wink: