Strange tag problem

When viewing a tag for almost any mp3 file, I have found that the picture (CD cover) shown as part of the tag is almost always wrong. I rarely include a picture with my tags, but when I view such a tag, the picture shown is, I think, the first jpeg in the same directory. This picture is obviously wrong for most of the files in the directory. Besides, I did not save the tag with a picture! I can't find any way to get rid of the picture from the tag - there is no delete button on the tag.
Q.1 Where are the wrong pictures coming from?
Q.2 How can I get rid of the pictures?
Q.3 Should I even worry about it????
I am using version version 2.23 with Windows XP, SP2 installed.


The picture displayed is indeed the JPG in the directory. MP3Tag cannot display covers stored in the ID3v2 tag.


Mp3tag displays covers from the tag! :slight_smile:

If it doesn't find a cover picture in the tag (cover picture has the id 3), it'll display the first JPG found in the files' directory (but it won't save this to the tag!).

To get rid of cover pictures within the ID3v2 tag, simply remove the ID3v2 tag and save a new one to the file.

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~ Florian

Thanks for the responses - although they seem contradictory!
The issue is not a major one, but it just seems strange to display a cover which has nothing to do with an mp3 file. If I understand Florian correctly, this is a "feature" of mp3tag - even if there is no picture associated with a tag, it will display the first picture found in the same directory as the mp3. Does it have to be this way?
I do not use ID3v2 tags - only ID3v1 and/or apev2, and I don't as a rule save the tag with a picture. My preference would be to have a picture appear only when it belongs with a file. If there is no picture associated with a file, then I would rather have no picture show. As I said, it's relatively minor - more of a strange quirk than a bug.
Thanks for a great program that I find to be extremely useful.

Sorry, I thought MP3Tag wouldn't be able to read pictures stored inside the tag. Anyways, maybe Florian can make that feature optional.

I think I like the current behaviour :sunglasses:

While I have no wish to unnecessarily prolong this thread, (and I really do like the program!!), I just have to ask why it makes sense to display a picture for a file when that picture has absolutely no connection with that file. Surely it is more logical to show no picture if there is not one associated with the file.
Am I missing something here???
Thanks for your replies.

IMO, a picture should never stored in the tag of the file, but in the folder of this file. ID3v2 supports covers in the tag, but they bloat the tags and the same picture is stored multiple times.

Keeping the cover in the files folder is very simple. IMO it makes no sense keeping a picture in the folder, when this picture has nothing to do with the files.

Thanks again for your quick response.
I think you misunderstand what I have said. I do not use ID3v2 tags, so I do not store any pictures with my tags. So, I agree with you on that point.
Secondly, I store my mp3 files by folders alphabetically, not by individual CDs- all my "A" artists are in one folder, "B" in another and so on. So, in any one folder, I may have 6 or more CDs. Some of these CDs may have covers, but not all of them. So, once again I agree with you - I keep my CD covers in the same folder as the CD, not in the tags.
The problem I experience arises only because I do things differently from you. Neither method is wrong - they are just different.
Your method assumes only one CD per folder; I choose to do it differently.
It would be nice to see the correct CD cover with each file, but unless I have only one CD per folder, it isn't going to happen.
I will somehow manage to live with seeing the wrong cover in a tag!!!
Thanks for listening and taking the time to discuss the issue. It's refreshing not to be ignored - even though we disagree on how files should be stored!!

I will put an entry on my todo list, to make this feature optional. But it's not high priority at the moment.

Best regards and thanks for your feedback!
~ Florian

Thank you!

You can disable image loading from directories now with an undocumented option by creating the DWORD registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Moebius\Mp3tag\Settings\NoImageFromFolder with the value set to 1

You'll need the latest Development Build for that.


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~ Florian