strange unicode support


I tried the latest version of mp3tag and find out the unicode support. I still use programs and devices than doesn't support unicode properly so i would prefer not to use it.

I tried to wrote some tags and find out that when i set to convert the id3v2 tags to iso8859-1
some characters are stripped like ř->r,č->c, ž->z etc. But id3v1 tags are ok.

Is there any way how to make mp3tag work as version 2,28 and older where i was able use characters like ř,Ř,č,Č,ž,Ž in both v1 and v2 tags without using unicode?

Its probably due iso8859-1 code page that wasn't forced in older versions


As far as I know, using the system codepage for ID3v2 is not part of the standard and that's why Florian removed that "feature".