Strange Various Artist entry

I have strange situation, it's second time I noticed it. I have album fully tagged, and the when I try to play music in Foobar2000 then only (only) one song is different. As I can see in Foobar it's Album Artist tag is set to "Various artists" even though it's empty in Mp3Tag. Pictures included describes my situation. What can I do to see whole album as one with no Variuos Artist entry?

Picture 1
Picture 2

Please open the Mp3tag dialog "Extended Tags..." for this media file and check what tag-fields are stored.
Look for tag-field "ALBUMARTIST" or "ALBUM ARTIST" or such.
Delete this tag-field.


Well, there were no tag-fields like "ALBUMARTIST" or "ALBUM ARTIST" but this particular song had field called Compilation set to 0. I don't know why, but after setting it to blank it is fine :slight_smile: Thank you for your attention!

"COMPILATION=0" is an unusual condition for the tag-field COMPILATION.
COMPILATION is defined to be set to "1", when the media file is part of a compilation set, otherwise the tag-field COMPILATION has to be non existent.
foobar seems only to detect whether the tag-field COMPILATION does exist or not, what value is stored, this does not matter, so foobar handles the file as having Albumartist "Various Artists".


Thank you! So in fact deleting Compilation values in my whole music collection would help me to organise it if I don't really use this tag-field? It wouldn't be harmful so that it would cause chaos in my tags?

You should check each album for having released as a compilation album or not.
If not, then you can delete the tag-field COMPILATION.
If yes, then set COMPILATION=1.


That's everything I wanted to know :slight_smile: Thank you for your attention!