String help

Guys forgive me if this help that I need is elsewhere but I was using media monkey before and have ruined my database twice so am very cautious not to do it again.I have my music set up on a external hard drive which is then set up with the artist name as a file and within that is the albumname with the track number followed by the title what is the exact string I would need please.....something like F:\Music\DaftPunk\DaftClub\Daft Punk\01 F is the directory Daft Punk is subdirectory Daft Club is album title Daft Punk is artist 01 Aerodynamic is track number and name...

sorry if real obvious but really dont wana mess up again


Please elaborate your question and describe the goal of the desired assistance.


With media monkey what I thought was the correct strings resulted in a complete mess I would like a directory namely F:\Music to contain a subdirectory for each of my artists eg Daft Punk I alredy have this so doesnt need creating within this I then have the albums again I have this but want the tracks to be uniform Daft Punk 01track name

                          Daft Punk 02track name 

I have uploaded some screen shots to try explain better...


Filepathname is ...

F:\Music\DaftPunk\DaftClub\Daft Punk\01 Aerodynamic.mp3

'F:' is the drive's root folder
'Music' is the main folder
'Daft Punk' is subdirectory
'Daft Club' is album title
'Daft Punk' is artist
'01 Aerodynamic' is track number and name

Goal: Get text from Filepathname and store parts into related tag-fields.

Use Mp3tag ...
Convert: Filename - Tag
... or ...
Action: Guess values
Source: %_path%

Formatstring: F:\Music\%DUMMY%\%ALBUM%\%ARTIST%\%TRACK% %TITLE%

ALBUM: DaftClub
ARTIST: Daft Punk
TITLE: Aerodynamic