Stringing together edits

Is it possible yet to string together a bunch of tag changes into ONE automated action? I remember it wasn't possible at one time.

ALT+6 and then click the icon with the star to great a new action group. Name your group and double click the group. Within the action group, click on the star again to create a new action. Once done, you can create another action by clicking the same icon. You can have as many actions as you want executing when running that action group. One of my action groups has more than 90 actions.

Thank you so much. I'll play with that.
Do you know if you can add auto numbering wizard things to that? I just want to number things from 1 with leading zeros on whatever tracks are highlighted. That would REALLY save me time! Can't seem to find a way to make it work though.

Actually, you do not have to re-create the actions.
In the dialogue Actions>Actions...
you can tick the action groups that should be executed when clicking OK. This selection is remembered.
The actions are carried out from top to bottom. You can modify the order with the arrow buttons next to the list of action groups.

For the numbering topic, see /t/16136/1

Actually what I'm saying is that I have two specific tag-filename and filename-tag strings I like using. I'd like to run those one after the other, PLUS at the end, add my action for changing paths. Then all of that started by editing the track numbers.