Strip last 4 characters away from Title field

I'm importing tags from a txt file and I would like to exclude the last 4 charecters that currently goes into the title field.

I've been trying something like this in Actions

$left(%title%, $len(%title%)-4)

my idea was that
$len(%title%): returns the lenght of title field, ex 20 characters.
$len(%title%)-4: then returns 16
$left(%title%, 16) should then give me the first 16 characters for the title string.

But when I try to create a replace action I can get it too work.

Any ideas to what action type and how I should go about building this action is greatly appreciated

  • Chr

Try this action:

Action type: Format value
Field: TITLE
Formatstring: $left(%title%,$sub($len(%title%),4))

ah - ok. thanks Florian!