Strip leading numbers from filenames to create titles

I could not for the life of me figure out this multistage process.
After a lot of trouble (even though I am a professional programmer!)
I finally got it working.
I will describe the steps as best possible,
having taken my steps from others' postings.
I am sure there is an easier way to do this!
Given filename: 01 SongName.mp3
Create title: SongName

Select Actions from the Convert menu.
Click the Star button to create a new Action Group.
I named mine: Strip leading numbers
Click the Star button again to create a new Action.
Select Action Type: Format value
Field is: TITLE
Format string is: $regexp(%_filename%,(\d*)\s?(.+),$2)
Click Ok to save.
When you are returned to the Action groups dialog,
make sure your new Action Group (Strip leading numbers) is checked.
Select the items you wish to have titled from their filenames in the main window,
then press Alt-5, then click Ok.
That's it!
Good luck!
I think the Help could be very much improved for this excellent program.
The regular expression support is great and very powerful,
but is useless unless one can understand how to apply it.

You're right, there is a MUCH easier way to do this, especially since you already have neat file names to work with.

Select the command "Filename - Tag" from the convert menu (Alt+2 hotkey). In the textbox type:

%dummy% %title%

What this does is it that the Filename is first divided up into "words" based on where the spaces are, and those words are then moved to the tags based on the place holders.

The first word in this case is the number, which is ignored because the of the dummy placeholder. The second (and final) word covers the rest of the file name and makes it the title of the track.

If you need to kill two birds with one stone, you can type in:

%track% %title%

This will set both the track number and title of the songs according to your filename format in one go.