Stripping Apostrophes from Filenames


Currently running the latest Mac version 1.1.1 (44)

I've searched google and the community, and have tried everything I've found...

I have several tracks with an apostrophe in the Album Name, and several tracks with an apostrophe in the Title, and several tracks with an apostrophe in both the Album Name and the Title as well. They need to stay in the meta fields, but I do not want them in the filename.

I have tried the following Action:
Format Tag Field
Format: $replace(%_Filename%,',) <-- Single apostrophe
Format: $replace(%_Filename%,'',). <-- 2 Single apostrophes
Format: $replace(%_Filename%,"'",) <-- quoted single apostrophe
Format: $replace(%_Filename%,$char(39),)

None of these work.

I have also tried the following Actions
Original: '

Original: ''

This does not work either.

Finally, I have tried Convert Tag->Filename, using every iteration of $replace I can think of... nothing works.

All methods above work with replacing (or stripping) other characters... just not the single apostrophe.

What am I missing??

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Please disregard this.

It turns out the apostrophes I've been trying to strip, is not an apostrophe at all.

I realized this after finding the following post: Apostrophe vs. Accent aigu

apostrophe (') vs accent aigu (´)

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