Stripping Duplicate Data from TITLE Field

So I've got about 1500 mp3s that have the TITLE field as such:

Song Title by [Artist]
where [Artist] is the data in the ARTIST field

So if the song title is "Africa by Toto", I want to change it to "Africa". x1500
But I don't want to change "Stand by Me" to "Stand"

Anybody offer a little help? I've been looking through community posts for the last hour or so, but I still don't understand how I could do that, and it SEEMS like something I should be able to readily do.

I don't think that this works without a little help what the artist may look like.
So: do you find that what follows the "by" in the field ARTIST?
Then you could filter for
%title% HAS " by " AND NOT "$strstr(%title%,%artist%)" IS 0
and then run an action of the type "Guess value" with
Source: %title%
Target Pattern: %title% by %dummy%

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Perfect! Thank you very much!

I was able to reverse-engineer what you wrote and it provided me insight as to how the tool works. Once I understood what it was trying to do, I tried it out and it worked. What would have take me 6 hours to do manually got done in seconds (plus a couple days of head scratchin, but that doesn't count).

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