$strstr exist two or many strings

i want use $strstr for multi strings
infact i want multi strings search on filename.
for example
filename 1 is: abcd
filename 2 is: qwer
filename 3 is: zxcv

my incorrect $strstr is:
$strstr(%_filename%,'abcd' OR 'qwer' OR 'zxcv')

please correction that

The comparison syntax would be:
"$ifgreater($strstr(%_filename%,'abcd'),0,yes,no)" IS yes

you would have to compare each substring separately but you can compose them to
"$ifgreater($strstr(%_filename%,'abcd'),0,yes,no)" IS yes OR "$ifgreater($strstr(%_filename%,'efgh'),0,yes,no)" IS yes

Other proposal for a Filter expression ....

"$ifgreater($len(%_filename%),$len($replace(%_filename%,'abcd',,'qwer',,'zxcv',,)),1,0)" IS "1"


no dear friend it's not work i want use multi string in format value and this is not supported IS and OR!

no dear friend i can't use length of string because it can be maybe more length
i want use this

That is why it would be much better if you said that in the first place. You misguided me by introducing the OR.

Right now I fear that you muck about with the filename instead of using the metadata of the fields to create a filename.

has everything you need: instead of "yes" or "no" insert that what you want to get in case it matches or it does not.

Hmm, did you try my proposal within the Mp3tag Filter section?
It should work the way you have described your need.

Do you need a filterstring to display all related files?
... or ...
Do you need a formatstring to set a filename or tagfield value?