Structuring and visualization of Media Library

Do you guys mind if I ‘tag’ along this post because for me it contains an essential aspect.

I’ve recently digitized by music collection (flac) and have found mp3tag to be superb for fixing the many incorrect or illogical tags that music studios add to music recordings. Thanks Florian!

Now that things are more or less organized I want to take the next step, which is to organize the music in accordance with my preference.

I’m shocked to find that in this age where you can organize e-books into virtual shelves and tag people or anything else in images there isn’t something equivalent for audio.
I expected to be able to structure my albums in blocks or virtual shelves, for example: all recently purchased albums into the ‘new’ area where it will stay for some months before I move it to an area with similar music genre, or composer, or performer, or anything else I decide to use to structure my archive.

In a database this is easy: just add a search string of metatags to filter info, such as <#new #guitar #grunge> or <#pianoforte #chopin # live #poor audio>.

I want to be able to browse my collection using a mosaic, slideshow, or other gallery format and pick and choose albums, and easily move the albums up and down the playlist using swipes, taps and drag/drops on a tablet and smartphone. Both the tagging and the playing app should operate at minimum in a Windows and Android/IOS environment.

In the past I only needed to look at my wall with CDs and can pick a handful of albums within seconds, similar to what the Ludolfs do with their car parts: a combination of visual and position memory, often based on the color of an item rather than knowing the name of the specific performer or composer.

Is there anything out there that 1) allows me this type of tagging and 2) connects into a media player that I can use to filter this info?

I already have doubts about the so-called lossless flac format of my audio because if I switch back and forth with the CD I can hear immediately which one is the original. Now I am further stuck with what appears to be a medieval process of organizing music.

Have I overlooked something? For sure apps like iTunes, Monkey and MusicBrainz do not even come close to what I want.

Florian: I just read that you plan to dedicate more time to mp3tag: can you also expand on it to create the 'Ludolf' audio player? :slight_smile: