Struggling with the rename files from tags..get extra folders

Hi @Florian and thanks so much again for bringing mp3tag to the mac!

i followed your documentation on Rename Files and Import Tags from Files

it do manage to get the files renamed but i always get extra folders in the process

i.e. i have this syntax

%ALBUMARTIST%/%ALBUM%/$num(%track%,2). %title%

so i expect to have this results: Suede/A new morning/01 Positivity.m4a

instead for some bizarre reason i get this

Suede/A new morning//01 Positivity/01 Positivity.m4a

what am i missing here?

thx again in advance


Hi and welcome!

I assume that you're using the latest beta 7 and that you're using the converter "Tag - Filename".

This should definitely give the expected result.

Can you check if you have an additional /$num(%track%,2). %title% at the end of the format string? You can resize the dialog to see all what's in the format string field.

thx @Florian !

yeah i checked and don't have an extra /. i did also try it with the actions as well


and the extra folder result

this btw is a copy of my current syntax from the action:

%ARTIST%/%ALBUM%/ $num(%track%,2). %title%

any things i should try?

using lates Beta on the mac (Version 1.0.0-beta.7 (29))

best regards


I think the problem is between _DIRECTORY and _FILENAME tags.
If you want to keep that action I think you should use the _FILENAME one.


thx @Rigido , that seems to have done the trick :slight_smile:

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