"Style" tag not showing in Windows Explorer columns

I have spent some time looking through other posts for this but couldn't find anything, so apologies if this has already been discussed.

I have two fields in mp3tag to describe the style of the music file: "Genre" and "Style". For example, "Genre" may be "House/Techno" and the "Style" might be "Progressive House".

Once the files have been tagged, I would like to be able to sort / search them in Windows Explorer by any of the tagged fields, but most typically when creating playlists, "Genre" and "Style" would be most useful. The "Genre" tag for the file shows in Windows Explorer (WE) no problem, but there is no "Style" column.

I have noted that there is a "Mood" column in WE which I thought would serve the purpose, but having set one track up with a "Mood" tag in mp3tag, this doesn't copy across to the file properties in WE. It only worked when I manually typed the mood/style into the file properties dialogue pop-up in WE - which kind of defeats the object.

In addition, I selected all possible column names in WE and confirmed that the "Style" tag does not appear under any other column.

Please help!

Please see
for a list of (standard) tag fields.
Mood is a V2.4 tag and this tag version not supported by WMP.

You can create playlists from within MP3tag, where you can process the STYLE field.

I thought that was probably the case. I use Winamp rather than WMP, but I noticed from the list at the link you provided that "Encoded by" appears as a field in Winamp. I had previously considered using this in case the "Mood" field was out of bounds, but wanted to see what the response was.

Thanks for that, it has steered me in one direction now. Just need to work out how to change the setup so that the info pulled through the Discogs Pone mod displays the Discogs style field in "Encoded By" rather than "Style".

Thanks again, Toby

Create an action of the type "Format value" for Encoded by"
Enter as format string: %style%
Run the action after you have got the data from discogs.