"sub" actions

How do you make it so one of the actions you create on the Actions menu expands into another sub-menu of sub-actions for that action? I used to do this. I had an elaborate action system set up (with lots of sub-actions) for my classical music collection, and now unfortunately it's gone and I have to rebuild it.

An example:

Artist --> Argerich, Martha

          Barenboim, Daniel

So if I wanted to define Evgeny Kissin as the artist for an album, I just clicked on the actions menu, moved my mouse over Artist, and then chose "Evgeny Kissin" from the secondary menu that pops up.

I've done lots of searching on here and on Google for how to define sub-actions (or whatever they might be called... action folders? submenus?), but have found nothing.

Example ... for action names ...
Set Media &Format#C&assette
Set Media &Format#&CD
Set Media &Format#&DVD
Set Media &Format#Mp&3
Set Media &Format#&Vinyl

For your case the action names could be like ...
Set &artist name#&Argerich, Martha
Set &artist name#&Barenboim, Daniel



Never mind - I figured it out! Thanks so much for your help!! I remember using the pound symbol before, but I didn't know about the ampersand trick to create hotkeys. Excellent! :smiley:


Gosh, thanks so much for trying to help... I've tried to make this work but definitely must be doing something wrong. Are there any other posts or MP3Tag help pages that show examples of what to type and where? :huh: