subscription default settings on forums

I didn't find the correct place to post this, but could you turn on options by default for newly registered users:


it will stimulate users coming back if there is a reply on the thread they've replied or created.


I think that the current settings comply with (at least) German privacy protection laws: you explicidly have to opt-in to get emails/notifications.
The "opt-out" variation has been outruled a couple of times by German courts ... so we are probably stuck with the current setting.

when you register on forums there is a confirmation link you click anyway, unless you won't get any messages..

so user already accepts he will get notifications.

i don't think this setting is breaking law in any how, it's like saying facebook/twitter or any other social media is not right with your german laws..

it's a standard setting and should be on, user always have an option to disable it, but it's very handy, not everyone knows how to subscribe or get new notifications here.