Substitute YEAR tag

I have all my music folders named as YEAR - Album Title like 2020 - Gigaton.
But the YEAR tag of the file is like YY/MM/DD.
I would like to substitute al YEAR tag with only the first 4 characters of the folder name.
Can you explain me how?
Thanks, Massimo

Use Convert>Filename - Tag
Format string: %year% - %dummy%\%dummy%

Sorry but I can't understand how it can automatically know that I want only the first 4 characters of the folder name

It doesn't.
It takes a pattern: in

you find this:
everything up to "blank hyphen blank" put into YEAR then ignore the rest up to the slash and everything following the slash (in the filename).
It is a pity that you did not simply try it.

Thanks man...but it doesn't seems to work

The pattern has to match exactly the filename.
It could be that the hypen is a special character.
You could try to start in Convert>Filename-Tag with a pattern like
To see the full foldername in YEAR.
now edit it to %year% %dummy%\%dummy%
and see if it helps.

Yessssssssssssss! It works!
Thanks, thank you very much!