Substituting Code in Podcast Description and Comment

Hi again everybody,

My issue today is a bit weird, as I'm trying to correct anomalies in some fields.

Downloading Podcasts, I'm getting this text in Podcast Description and Comment fields:

I'd like to know how to solve this.


<iframe width="238" height="48"

frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" scrolling="no" src="">

I know this is html codification, but I'd like your help to put it as it should be.

Thanks in advance

What do you think is "as it should be"?

Oh, well. I mean substituting stuff like
, <iframe width=",... with what it means really in html, I'm not very good at programming languages, so I'm a bit lost. I know for example
is a break line, so I imagine the text:

I'd like to know how to solve this.


Should be:

I'd like to know how to solve this.


and so on...

Try an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for COMMENT.
Search String: <.*?>
Replace string:
(leave that empty)
This cuts out everything in <>.

Yes, but this will remove everything into <>, that is not what I want, I was thinking in translating the html code into what it really means, for example in the anterior text:

<iframe width="238" height="48"

frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" scrolling="no" src="">

is somehow a web address in some special format, so what I want is to put it in that format or at least to conserve that information in a ''readable'' format with line breaks, new lines, ....

If you want to tranlate it, you would have to write a translator that cuts out all the words you do not want to have.
I guess that this would mean to create quite a chain of actions to cut out any eventuality of code.

Actually, there are fields for such things as web addresses, starting with www. (see for available fields)

Check if these fields are not already filled or try to give feedback to the podcast suppliers that they should tag their files properly. Sinking html code in the comment field does not look very professional to me - it excapes me, e.g. what purpose an iframe should serve in this context.

Mp3tag cannot render HTML text data in dialog boxes.
But other applications might do it.
Finally, you have to decide if the HTML tags should be lost or not.

Here you want to strip off all HTML tags and save specific content.
Mp3tag has no ready made built in function for this purpose, but you can use the Mp3tag scripting language to build up the needed functionality.

Here is a proposal for an action group, which you may adapt to your needs.

01. TMP_COMMENT <== %COMMENT% 02. TMP_COMMENT <== $regexp(%TMP_COMMENT%,'[\r\n]+',) 03. TMP_COMMENT <== $regexp(%TMP_COMMENT%,'.*?','\r\nWebsite: $1',1) 04. TMP_COMMENT <== $regexp(%TMP_COMMENT%,'.*?','\r\nFile: $1',1) 05. TMP_COMMENT <== $regexp(%TMP_COMMENT%,'','\r\nImage: $1',1) 06. TMP_COMMENT <== $regexp(%TMP_COMMENT%,'','\r\n',1) 07. TMP_COMMENT <== $regexp(%TMP_COMMENT%,'',) 08. TMP_COMMENT <== $regexp(%TMP_COMMENT%,'(\r\n){2,}','\r\n') 09. TMP_COMMENT <== $regexp(%TMP_COMMENT%,'\A[\r\n\s]*|[\r\n\s]*\Z',) 10. COMMENT <== %TMP_COMMENT% 11. Remove TMP_COMMENT

I'd like to know how to solve this.


There is the Mp3tag MTA file with comments for the regular expressions ...
Test_2014_20140217.ykeyke.rar (1.02 KB)

Test_2014_20140217.ykeyke.rar (1.02 KB)

Maybe in the future !!! :wink:

It would be nice if you can suggest recommendations.

Yes DetlevD, it's just what I want to do after applying some modifications. If impossible to apply the html code, at least save the content of fields...
I really appreciate your help, anytime I have doubts or questions, you're here to resolve them, Thank you very much...

Thanks ohrenkino too, your collaboration was really constructive, my greetings...