Suddenly my MP3tag screen changed

Suddenly my screen is changed. May be I used a wrong key..but i can not get the Original screen back.
The screen with Title-Artist-Album-Year/track/genre-Comment-Directoy….etc- ending with the Image part, on the left side is gone.. Now I only have a screen with all currently imported files and the drop down menus and the toolbar.
I am sure that i touched some key(s) doiing this. I read already a lot info but i can not find to get the Original screen back.

Who can help me with the right answer…..????Herman Scheper

It's the Tag Panel that's gone missing. You can re-enable it via "View > Tag Panel" or Ctrl + Q.

Tnx Florian for the very quick reply. It works what you told me but......when I started end of december the left 25% of my screen was filed with the Tag Panel and the other 75% was filled with the currently imported files and all above was toolbar etc.Maybe a other key combination..?

Not sure how it is displayed now. Care to share a screenshot?

I try to bring in a image:


This is the screen I have now.

Can you choose "Beeld > Tagpaneel" and see if it brings back the original layout?

Sorry, but in the "Beeld" is not a choise as Tagpaneel; so I can not Try it..

See picture..

Sorry, tried to use your native language while not speaking it at all :slight_smile:

Try "Beeld > Invoervelden"

I think the function is called
(and shows the shortcut Ctrl-Q)

Glad it's back and working. I've split the off-topic post to a new topic: Player shows Unknown CDs


I've got the "same" (more or less) problem. I used to have the tagpanel as the first column. Now it's gone on startup. I know that I can get it to pop-up via Crtl-Q, but . . than it covers the other columns (or part of it|). I would like to get it back as the most leftish column without covering the others.
What to do ???

here is some advice on how to do it on a mac:

Dragging it is the same kind of mouse gymnastics, though.

sorry sorry etcetera

I solved the problem - blackout ??? - forgot that I can drag the tagpanel tot the left till it fits in

kind regards


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Tnx for last answer!! That was the simple solution for my problem...Blackout….???

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