Tag Panel Docking (on MAC)


I am using mp3tag v2.78 on MAC.

Mistakenly I docked out the Tag panel and now its showing as floating.
I am trying to revert back to dock to left side. Trying by dragging the Tag panel to the left side of the application. But its not docking. refer the attached screen shot.
Please help me

Thanks in advance

I don't know if there is a special behaviour on MACs.
In Windows you just have to drag the panel and drop it if see see the frame has changed.


it's a little bit tricky on the Mac: you can drag the tag panel window on the tiny gray separator line between the caption bar and the tag panel content to the left side of the main window and drop it there.

I've highlighted the gray line where to drag the window in the attached screenshot.

Kind regards
– Florian