Sugestion: Move the lines freely (Drag and Drop)

Hi, I like to move the lines freely in program.

lets see:
i opened a dir with mp3tag, there are 30 musics inside.
all 30 musics are listed inside program window... all ok.
i want music 22 go to music 13 place, and music 13 go to 22 location,
its was easy if i just drag and drop (the line) music there,
after i put several musics in a order i need, ill go to (tools-> autonumbering) and make the sequence i want. The musics stay in order i need.


Make a shuffle button to mix the musics, so i can press this button several times, and when an cool sequence for my musics are found , i just number it in autonumber.


I dont like use playlists, i just put my radio to load the directory i want. And my radio dont have shuffle :confused:
I dont want the musics do shuffle all times i turn on the radio, i just want the songs playing in the order i need. And the drag and drop lines will be a cool add, to make playlists.

Best regards,

Use ALT+Cursor Up/Down or hold down ALT and drag with the mouse to move the files.

Click on the header of the leftmost column (with the file icons) to get a random sorting.

:astonished: OMG!!!

Thank's A LOT!!! :w00t:

I think most users dont know about this too... :ph34r: