Sugestions for MusciBrainz

Hello everybody.

First of all, congratulations and thanks for a impresive program.

I'm trying to tag my huge collection of music (starting with many OST) and use mainly MusicBrainz.

I know Picard automatize this work, but need retain manual control of the actions, and mp3tag is perfect for that.

Ok, my suggestions....

  • In search result of music brainz windows :
  • Add column, for show language of album, this field exist in MusicBrainz.
  • Add column, for show icon if the selected result have cover image or not.
  • In the next window, when you select a result and need match the songs.
  • Green ink font, for the automatic match (same name and same duration (maybe choose a qty. of seconds of difference in options) , yellow ink if has a medium difference, and red for totally diferent name or duration.
  • This not is a sugestion, thanks for the posibility of order by time, it's very usefull.

I know, the spanish translation it's so good, but if you need help, say me :rolleyes:

Thanks and regards.


What exactly do you mean with "language of album"?
Could you please show a printscreen with this field in MusicBrainz?

MusicBrainz doesn't host any cover image. All cover art is hosted in the Cover Art Archive, a joint project between the Internet Archive and MusicBrainz.

Maybe this Cover Art Archive API: can help retrieving the cover informations?

Attach the image for the language & upload .

Ok, you are right, MB not hosts the images, but its linked directly with the info disc, I suppose have a method to obtain this reference (look-up in the API)


I found a reference in MB API :
The example is in python, but have other programming language...


Just for the records:

Description for "country":


Description for "language":


have a look at the supported fields:
I think you find a language field there - so why not fill it?

Of course you can edit your files with whatever information you like.
MusicBrainz will NOT tell you which songs are written in Italian, French, Spanish or whatever language.
As I quoted above, the "language" informations

There is actually no way using MusicBrainz to get the language of the lyrics itself, only in which language they are written on the cover.

Additional Info for your example with the release "Tarzan" from Phil Collins:
In this special case of a Musical, it could be that it was indeed translated into different languages, like the German one:
or the Portuguese:
or others.

But in case of "No Jacket required" (as an example) all the 25 different releases contain tracks with english lyrics:
even if they are released in Portugal, Japan or Germany.