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Unless I’ve missed clues on how to do these things in the help and the community forums — and if I have, somebody please point me in the right direction — I have a suggested enhancement to Export configuration. I’m often utilizing multiple export configurations with any given batch of audio files, to export different information to separate files. From my experience, I need to manually tweak the export filename for each file I export to — there doesn’t seem to be any way to have the filename automatically adjusted for different exports. For example, I have separate export configurations for exporting unsynced lyrics, ISRC codes, and various other tags or batches of tags. Currently, I tweak the export filename by hand as such:

%_folderpath%%album% - D%discnumber% - Lyrics.txt
%_folderpath%%album% - D%discnumber% - ISRC.txt
%_folderpath%%album% - D%discnumber% - Track Details.txt

Looking at the list of available placeholders, what I don’t see, but think would be useful in my situation, is a placeholder that represents the export configuration name. For example, no matter what export configuration I’m using at the moment, it would be nice if I could set the filename field to something like “%_folderpath%%album% - D%discnumber% - %exportconfig%.txt”, and not have to change it for the next one I use.

I also notice that when clicking on a different type of export configuration from the one I’ve set a custom export filename for — say, any of TSV, SFV, RTF, HTML, CSV after having previously selected one of my TXT_ configs — the export filename field automatically gets re-populated with “New export file.(tsv|sfv|rtf|html|csv)”, potentially resulting in the loss of my custom filename config string. To avoid that, I have to click on Cancel, then re-open the Export Configuration dialog. How about making it so that MP3Tag remembers the last used filename string for each type of export config, and/or provides a drop-down menu to select a previously-used string?

I think that if you set the name of the export target file in the instruction $filename(), then you can set the filename locally.
I think the priority is as follows:
If there is nothing set in the export script, then the name from the export selection dialogue is taken. If that is (also) empty, then you have enter the target filename for each run.


Thanks, ohrenkino. I was oblivious to that detail. Got it working now.

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