Suggested enhancement


As I go through the process of tidying and consolidating tags across my collection I'm finding myself doing quite a bit of work via the Extended Tags dialog box. One minor enhancement I think would be very useful is to enable changing of colours on tags that are going to be operated on e.g. if a new tag is added, mark the entry green, if one is edited, mark it yellow, and if one is going to be deleted, mark it red. That way it's easy for the user to see what they've put in train as a batch operation to occur as soon as they hit OK.

nice idea. i second the request!



Florian, are you able to provide some sort of indication whether this suggestion is likely to be included in a future release?


This is currently not planned.

Kind regards,

Thanks Florian. I'm hoping that doesn't mean it's not even within the realms of possibility :wink:

It would be nice also to have the Extended Tag Editor replacing completely the regular tag panel.
It could dock in place of the regular panel and stay on all the time allowing to work normaly in the column view.

I find it a lot more powerful since you see right away every existing field in your tag and you have complete control over it.

But it's already such a great software.



To illustrate the previous idea, here is a picture of a possible tag panel that would provide the benefit of both the extended tag panel and the standard one.

Now with this improvement, and for the sake of code optimization i wouldn't mind to lose the option of being able to add fields to the standard tag panel since this new layout would already show me all existing fields in the tag.

The acces points to the extended tag by context menu, tool palette and view menu could also be taken out since they would be no need for it anymore.

Thank you for your great work Florian


My main reason for requesting this enhancement is that it'd be extremely useful when doing mass updates across many albums - if one has a significant number of tags it's pretty handy to be able visually confirm what you've set in train. With the current extended tags dialogue box it's very easy to overlook unintended changes.

I've attached a screenshot of what I have in mind in case I've been unclear.