Suggested Enhancment: Clear Files


As my first post in this forum, I would like to suggest - and propose - the addition of a new item to MP3Tag: Clear File(s). I've done a search through the forum and wasn't able to find a similar suggestion (but my eyes are older and fading, so...)

This item would allow the user to remove from the list either all the files in the list or all the selected files. In either case, MP3Tag would still be running after the files are cleared from the list.

For an example, see MP3Gain (

Quite often I will load an entire directory, only to find that I've set the tags already. By highlighting the files already tagged and clearing them, I would be left only with those files that need to be tagged or have their tags amended.

I'm being lazy. I realise that I could load each sub-directory in turn, but that would mean having to add one sub-directory, then another, then another ... only to find that one of them had already been done.

OR, are my eyes really getting that bad and I'm missing the obvious?


I guess you can use the sorting options to group files. Another option is the filter.