Suggestion about Directory Scan

Hello everyone. I think it would be useful if the program saved the initial reading of the directory. This would avoid reading the whole directory again when modifying something in a song. In addition, it would have to allow updating only that modified entry. In my case every time I open the program it reads more than 65,000 mp3. And when I modify any of them and I want to refresh the changes, it reads the 65,000 mp3 again to show me the changes in the 3 or 4 changed songs. I hope I was clear. Thanks for the work!!!

This depends on the settings in File>Options>Directories.
There you can set which folder MP3tag should read at startup. If you set that to an empty folder then MP3tag does not read any files - and you can load just those that need treatment.

Usually, MP3tag shows the changes straightaway in a session, there is no need to refresh the view.
If you are not sure about specific files, then select them and press Ctrl-T to re-read the tags of those files.

And in general, if you switch on the library then (even though this is only a by-product) reading the data of already known, unmodified files goes much quicker.

So I think a lot can be done with a modified workflow.