SUGGESTION: add very basic export scripts for every common field

I think that it would be helpful, especially for inexperienced users, to have a list of ready to use simple Export codes, that would simply list all of data from common tag fields. Those scripts would add themselves to the Export configuration window when Mp3tag is being installed [with those few current other export actions]

What I have in mind is something like

Name of the export action: tag field Title
$FILENAME(C:\Users\Spacja\Documents\! Mp3tag export list.txt,utf-16)$loop(%TITLE%,1)%TITLE% $loopend()

Name of the export action: tag field Album
$FILENAME(C:\Users\Spacja\Documents\! Mp3tag export list.txt,utf-16)$loop(%ALBUM%,1)%ALBUM% $loopend()

Name of the export action: tag field Artist

$FILENAME(C:\Users\Spacja\Documents\! Mp3tag export list.txt,utf-16)$loop(%ARTIST%,1)%ARTIST% $loopend()

...and so on, until by popular vote we agree on how much to include into default settings of Mp3tag

I myself use them quite often- and so I made them in advance for every field that I personally use

I wonder what the purpose of such exports should be, esp. if the data is restricted to just a single occurrance of each string.

Sorting by ALBUM and leaving out the repetitions would be misleading for "Greatest Hits" or "Best of" albums: you get only one item in the list but have in fact many more.
If you export ALBUMARTIST, ALBUM from just a single album, then you would get an export with just a single line each. I think that this information is already clearly visible in the tag panel.

Exporting TITLE and sorting by it, would mix up the sequence of these titles on an album - and/or fall into the same trap as the "Best of" dilemma. There are albums around that feature 40 versions of the same title, all interpreted by different artists - but you would not detect these with a limitation of the strings to just a single occurrance.

As I am eager to broaden my knowledge: which use-case would make this suggestion a worthwhile feature.
As it is already possible to write such export scripts and as you might have gathered I do not see a real benefit it could be that I am just too narrow-minded.
as I am wondering what the point would be if you have more than 100,000 tracks in your list (which is now possible thanks to the library feature).

That is correct

But we also have Filter. So how much time will it take to put something in the filter box like "2000" and after selecting all that is shown execute export action for TITLEs? Or enter in there there the name of the band, select all results and export all ALBUMs of that band? I'll bet I could dig up some old posts where you specifically encourage me to use the Filter

[This of course would require from the user to have all of the versions of the songs and releases of albums by the one and the same artist somehow differentiated- something that I do in my system, which in turn allows me to use such simple export codes with largely avoding the issue you have just brought in your comment]

Yes thank you for showing me a use case.
I see that a certain grouping esp. with the use of a filter is not such a bad thing after all.
But ... wouldn't then a simple playlist freeze the result in a much better way than scanning through long lists that do not really give a hint where the data originated?
And this function is already available.

I personally use quite often that simple export for TITLES. And sometimes I use a variant of it:

$TITLE(C:\Users\Spacja\Documents\! Mp3tag export list.txt,utf-16)$loop(%_FILENAME%,1)%TITLE% $loopend()

which shows me if the title repeats itself. Depending on what I do or need, such kind of info does the job, even if it not quite specified kind of info. For the thorough export of information I have more complex actions readied- but in this topic I am trying to show usefulness of those most simple ones, which still might be too hard to write for the inexperienced users

And so, aside from TITLE / FILENAME, I also quite often use such simple export for ALBUMs and ARTISTs. But nevertheless I have exports ready for all of the other fields that I use in overall for my files- I never know what kind of info I might be needing very quick. I might use 2 times per year such simple export in regards to COMPOSER- but it is there, ready for me. And I named all of the exports with the same prefix followed by the name of field, so finding the right one is very easy

As for playlists. Some people might use them as a tool, having even theirs whole modus operandi based upon them. But I never use them, as I see them as inconvenient [because as little as changing one letter in one file makes them invalid thus requiring yet another process of generating them- and I change and move about my files on a daily basis]