Suggestion: Album art Resolution sizes

hi -

i LOVE mp3tag.....i've been ripping for at least 10 years (from the first time someone showed me winAMP)...and your app is a godsend....bless you for the work you have done!!!!!!

my issue is this....way back in the "early days" i just tagged my files with whatever art i could find....usually 100x100 pixel art that i could find online. now with hi res ipods and all, 500x500 is the "new standard"

QUESTION: what i'd really like, would be if there could be a way to add in a column that would show me the RESOLUTION of the artwork (front cover, i think) that each file has......that way i could easily sort to the "low res" ones and "fix them"

(all i do now is notice when playing back if itunes or ipod has a "crummy one" and make a note to self to "fix it later")

best wishes from Atlanta, GA, USA

Mp3tag has no ready made built in support yet.
There is a thread about this theme ...
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