Suggestion: allow individual order of Action Groups in Presets (formerly Utils)

The Presets of Action Groups (factually more complex macros) are a very nice feature. Unfortunately, not so ideal, as it could be.

I have many and well-organized (with #) Action Groups, in an appropriate order. But sometimes i want to create a Preset, in which the order is different. It is not possible. I also need to change the order within the action groups (and save it), as i want the order to execute them in the Preset. I tried to rearrange Action Groups afterwards, but it does not work again.

Why i need? Example.
Action groups (simplified detail):
Spelling#Title#Capital letters only at sentence start and after square brackets
Spelling#Title#Replace round brackets with square brackets

But in Preset i want reverse order. The results are, of course, different.
Source: El Andaluz (Träume Sterben Nie)
Result 1 (the desired): El andaluz [Träume sterben nie]
Result 2 (without reverting the order): El andaluz [träume sterben nie]

This Preset is just one little example. I can not (do not want) change the appropriate order of the Action Groups. And i also do not want to do a lot of the same Action Groups (with copying them -- by the way, really "copying" simply is impossible, too), because it can slow down Mp3tag, and (more important) i need all potential future changes evaluate in all examples of the Action Group -- not a good solution.

Or is there any better workaround? If not, so this is a suggestion for future updates.