Suggestion: Changing the working directory...


Hi Florian and all other readers of this forum,
I love Mp3tag! At first, many thanks for the awesome hard work you're doing. It's definitely the best mp3 tagger around... I live in Berlin (therefore not too far away from Florian). However, no problem to post in English.

I have a suggestion in respect to changing the working directory, and here's what I noticed: I have more than 40,000 mp3 files spread over two external hard drives. I'm mainly using Mp3tag after downloading files or ripping them myself from my own CDs. When starting the tool I don't want the program to search all my files first (that would take way too much time!) but to directly go to the directory I'm using at the moment (that's why - in the preferences I set - the default directory is the program's directory). I personally would prefer the standard Windows window to open, in order to be able to type the artist (i.e. "F:\Rolling..." for The Rolling Stones) and then directly get to the working directory. In the current version I have to select the hard drive and then scroll down the folder tree. That's a bit arduous to do each time.

I'm linking to two screenshots in order to illustrate what I'm referring to: Here's how it look currently:

...and this is what I think would make searching for a directory easier:

Maybe such a change makes sense to most users and can be considered for a future release. I hope I explained well what I'm meaning to say.



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